What is a Guided Shear Gate Valve and why is it a Severe Service Knife Gate Valve?

All valves perform a duty. Their ability to perform varies by valve type and internal design features and materials. In addition, knowledge and experience play a significant part in any successful installation. Accurate descriptions and consistent communication regarding the specifications of the valve required, and the attributes of the application it needs to perform within, have always played a big

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Types of Knife Gate Valves

There are several versions of the Knife Gate Valve design. It is important to note that some Knife Gate Valves operate in harsh severe service applications, where as others simply cannot hold up in these conditions – they simply weren’t manufactured to do so. Two categories can be used to better differentiate between Knife Gate Valve designs: General Purpose/Fit-for-Purpose Knife

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What is a Knife Gate Valve?

Knife Gate Valves (KGVs) were first created for the Swedish Pulp and Paper industry in the 1920s. The market demanded an inexpensive valve for pulp stock applications, and the revolutionary knife gate valve design was born.  Since then, knife gate valves have traveled back and forth across the globe undergoing several alterations; the Push-Through Knife Gate was developed in the

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