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Based in Niles, MI, DSS Valves is a team of engineering and manufacturing professionals with decades of experience in creating premier Severe Service Knife Gate Valves for Oil & Gas, Mining, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Power, and Water/Wastewater industries.

They specialize in producing valves that thrive in the harshest environments and their products are known for handling differential pressure scenarios, corrosive materials, extreme temperatures and detrimental solids.

All products created by DSS Valves have been specifically designed for severe service, and meet or exceed MSS SP-135. DSS Valves current product offerings include Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (SSKGVs) and Double Block and Bleeds.

DSS Valves
Product Focus

DSS Valves Actuation Options

DSS Valves is happy to tailor your actuation to fit your application. From low profile arrangements to stem extensions to electro-hydraulic they will find a suitable option for your severe service application.

DSS Bevel Gear SSKGV
DSS Handwheel SSKGV
DSS Hydraulic Cylinder
DSS Low Profile Design
DSS Valves - SSV-Severe Service Valves

Key features & Benefits

The DSS Severe Service Knife Gate Valve is designed to perform without fail in the harshest of conditions. With our customers in mind, we’ve carefully crafted this valve to overcome common problems like pipe turbulence, erosion, leakage to atmosphere, pipe stress, and topworks structure failures without compromising our promise of true isolation.
  • Non-Rising Stem
  • Fully Welded Steel Top Structure
  • Exotic Materials Available Upon Request
  • Zero-Leakage Isolation
  • Dual Transverse Seals
  • Compliant with MSS SP-135
  • Full Round Port

DSS Valves Resources

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