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Since their founding in 1989 StoneL has become a leading supplier of valve monitoring systems because of their reputation for reliability, overall quality and technological leadership. With the evolution of field-based communication technologies, StoneL has become the leading supplier of both valve communication and process networking systems.

As a result StoneL has developed the products and services to not only enable your valves to think and communicate but also to interconnect them, as well as your other instruments, into your plant’s control architecture.

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Key features & Benefits

StoneL features a wide range of communication, monitoring, and control platforms that are suited for quarter-turn and linear discrete applications in severe service applications.
  • ValvePoint valve position monitors and position transmitters
  • FieldLink process networking solutions – AS-I, DeviceNet, Foundation
  • Fieldbus, ProfiBus and other Bus protocols supported
  • Mechanical, reed type proximity and inductive type proximity switches
  • Mounting kits available to almost any rotary or linear actuators

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