NOVA Hydromet —Letdown Control Valve
NOVA Hydromet

NOVA Hydromet

NOVA produces robust Letdown and Vent Angle Control Valves for high temperature, pressure, and acidic applications. Their engineering team’s specialized knowledge of autoclaves and the valves that control them is second-to-none in the industry.

The company takes a holistic approach to designing control valves, trim, and blast tubes for Hydromet. These are complex systems with multiple factors impacting valve performance and lifespan.

The NOVA mission is to create an efficient and sustainable global metal extraction industry by providing science-based guidance and technology to optimize the world’s hydrometallurgical facilities.

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NOVA Hydromet — Letdown Control Valves

As Letdown Control Valves act as the lynchpin for autoclave circuits, it is critical to use the right materials in their construction. Our designs aren’t pieced together — they are created from mono blocks of materials like Titanium Grade 12.

Downtime related to Hydromet product

Downtime related to Hydromet products cost mineral processing facilities hundreds of millions per year. NOVA has the technology, and most importantly, the knowledge to eliminate unpredicted valve failure and maximize your return.

Tight Quality Control

A key differentiator with NOVA is the fact that we own the entire production process from engineering, to material manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

Valve Manufacturing — Engineering
Valve Manufacturing — Materials

Material Manufacturing

Valve Manufacturing — Testing


Valve Manufacturing — Engineering


NOVA’s vertically integrated manufacturing process allows for exceptional traceability and accountability, resulting in consistently high-quality equipment delivered to your site on time and on budget.
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