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Pinch Valves

Pinch valves are composed of elastomer sleeves that are compressed externally for isolation or control. Imagine pitting a hose in a vice – the elastomer sleeve is pinched off to create a seal. The sleeve itself may also be inside a metal body. This is to provide secondary containment in case of a catastrophic sleeve failure.

One advantage of the pinch valve design is ease of maintenance. As the sleeve is the valve’s only wetted part, the other valve components are free from the contamination of process materials. Pinch valves are also able to withstand abrasive conditions. Elastomer sleeves can be selected based on the size of the solids in solution to create maximum service life.

Pinch Valve Design

Three major components make up the pinch valve design: a housing, an internal elastomer sleeve and end connections. The elastomer sleeve is fitted in the housing and is the only component that comes in contact with the media.

A Price Friendly Option​

The simplistic design of Pinch Valves make them price friendly options for slurry applications. They are also often found in food processing applications because of their ability to meet food grade standards and lack of dead space for material to accumulate. 


The main limitation for pinch valves is pressure. Pinch valves are typically used under Class 150 (PN 20) scenarios. Size is another limitation with these designs, as they are typically no greater than 24 inches in diameter.

Pinch Valve Lines We Supply

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