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Established in 1965, Custom Gaskets Ltd. stands vigilant as one of the keystone suppliers to Western Canadian manufacturing and industry.

Dedication to customer satisfaction and adherence to ISO 9001 2000 quality standards places Custom Gaskets Ltd. as a premier supplier of gaskets and gasketing products, extruded plastic profiles, injection molded components, and a litany of other specialized industrial requirements.

Custom Gaskets—Shim Production
Custom Gaskets

Key Features & Benefits

  • AccuMark shims made from corrosive resistant 304 Stainless Steel
  • Garlock Gylon, compressed materials, spiralwound and resilient gaskets
  • Klinger gasket material
  • Inertex joint sealant and valve stem packing
  • Robchem modified Teflon

EDM & CNC Machining

Using this service is a cost-effective means to navigating around the hurdles often encountered in traditional machining. Custom Gaskets handle orders of all volumes, from prototypes to tens-of-thousands of parts. Every order is met with precision, guaranteed, for the highest quality manufacturing service available.

Extrusion—Individual Plastic Profiles

Custom Gaskets specialize in both flexible and rigid PVC, HDPE, TPV, TPE, PP and co-extrusion.  Advanced extrusion technologies and materials are utilized to create custom plastic profiles of any design.  Creating 3D printed prototypes before even starting the Die making process can greatly reduce the need for revisions when developing your ideas. With no tooling required, 3D printing is low cost and allows you to see and feel the proposed parts before committing into full production.

Gasket Cutting

In addition to standard round gaskets, Custom Gaskets specialize in creating custom shaped gaskets of any size to meet the requirements. A multitude of different manufacturing techniques are used, including fully automated CNC cutting, hydraulic steel rule die presses and professional hand cutting.

Shim Production

  • Pre-cut Stamped SS Shims
  • Plastic Shim Stock
  • Shim Stock Rolls SS/CS/BR
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • CNC Machining
  • Wire EDM Cutting
  • Custom Shims
  • Specialty Shims
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