When providing Zero Leakage isolation in the valve world, nothing comes close to working with Hydrogen applications. Simply put, Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest molecule in the universe, and therefore, the most difficult to contain.

Hydrogen Valves

Experts in Severe Service

Hydrogen’s small size (its molecule is 50,000 times smaller than the thickness of a hair) is just one of its unique engineering challenges. Another issue that requires additional controls is its flammability. The simple chemical structure of Hydrogen makes it easy to ignite, as well as odorless and tasteless. On the flipside, Hydrogen is non-toxic, has a high energy content per unit of weight, and the potential for near zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Above and Beyond

CGIS is known for representing the cutting edge in valve technologies by manufacturers who go above and beyond in their research and testing for Severe Service applications like Hydrogen. One brand that stands above the rest in this realm is ValvTechnologies.

ValvTechnologies has been proving and providing Zero Leakage Metal Seated Ball valves since 1987. Testing with Nitrogen and Helium to provide their absolute zero-leakage guarantee for four years, this sets a standard of zero drops and zero bubbles. As a manufacturer, ValvTechnologies is on another playing field compared to brands that supply products with allowable leakage rates entwined in their design.

ValvTechnologies—Metal Seated Ball Valves

ValvTechnologies Product Focus


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