Oil & Gas

CGIS has been involved in the oil and gas sector since our humble beginnings in 1980. Focusing on efficiency, safety, and the environment, CGIS has handpicked the manufacturers we want to work with. Read below to see how CGIS has differentiated themselves within the Oil and Gas sector with SSV brands like DSS Valves, ValvTechnologies, Limitorque, and ADAMS.

Upstream, midstream, downstream

Whether you are operating upstream, midstream or downstream in the oil and gas industry, CGIS has valves that can not only improve your process but improve worker safety and environmental impact. CGIS has always worked towards distributing zero-leakage valves for severe service applications where nothing can be left to chance.

Our team has long worked on tailoring each quote to your specific application. In oil and gas, that may include:

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • LNG
  • Production
  • HIPPS Protection
  • Molecular Sieves
  • Downstream Refining


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Featured Oil & Gas Valve Manufacturers

ValvTechnologies Product Focus

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