Hydrocarbon Processing

CGIS has been heavily involved in the Liquified Natural Gas industry since 2010. Since then, we’ve been growing our knowledge base by attending conferences, visiting plants, and listening to customer feedback. We know which products work and which fail in LNG applications.

Increasing efficiency, decreasing downtime

Our team of valve experts knows that the application dictates the valve, and that’s the outlook we’ve taken when working with the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry since our humble beginnings in 1980.
From our first sales to the Prince George Refinery, we’ve taken our knowledge and expanded across Canada. You’ll find our valves increasing efficiency, decreasing downtime, and lowering your overall cost of ownership in plants all across the country. We’ve worked to find solutions for our clients in a vast variety of applications including, but not limited to:
  • Catalyst Addition and Withdrawl
  • Hydrogen Isolation
  • Critical Coker Isolation
  • Basket Filter Isolation
  • FCCU Blower
  • PSA Control Valves
  • LC Fining


Greenlane Biogas 4 Inch HY-GRADE
Defining Severe Service Valves
The Building Blocks of Severe Service Valves

Featured Hydrocarbon Processing Valve Manufacturers

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