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In 1979, the DAN-EX Valve by Daniel Valve Company was introduced in Texas. The first iteration of this valve was created to improve what was then the General Twin Seal Valve. Between the years 1979 and 2000 over 8,000 valves were produced and installed worldwide. WesternValve then purchased the DAN-EX Plug Valve Company and currently manufacturers the original design valve and its aftermarket parts at its plant in California. 

The Western Valve plant incorporates modern computerized manufacturing cells and uses the latest manufacturing practices to ensure high-quality positive sealing valves in the industry.

Dan-Ex Product Focus

Double Block and Bleed
Dan-ex DBB
Western Valve | DAN-EX

Key Features & Benefits

All DAN-EX Valves feature upstream and downstream seals and a bleed cavity between the sealing lips. This allows zero-leakage, in either direction when safety and/or efficiency are of utmost importance. The images to the left illustrate how the DAN-EX Double Block and Bleed Valves combine the functions typically seen in a conventional double block and bleed into a single valve.

DAN-EX Valves offer:

  • Superior engineering
  • Longer life, less maintenence
  • Greater strength in lift and turn operation
  • Option for a top-mounted actuator
  • Made in the USA

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