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Durco is recognized as an innovative flow control brand with a comprehensive portfolio of valve products consisting of plug, butterfly and ball valves designed to handle the most difficult and demanding applications. 

The Durco brand has a long heritage in providing valve solutions for the Chemical Process industry. Durco was founded in 1912 and is now part of Flowserve, located in Cookeville, Tennessee.

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DURCO Products

Key features & Benefits

With Durco inventing the non-lubricating plug valve over 70 years ago, they’ve mastered the art and become a industry leader. While there are many imitators out there, none of them can parallel the reliability and quality of the original. Durco offers superior, leak-free performance in the harshest of applications.

  • Durco has continued that tradition and made a number of significant product developments for the chemical industry, including the first use of PTFE (Teflon) as a sealing material in a patented, special alloy, non-lubricated plug valve.
  • Offers both metallic and fully-lined versions of each product type, Durco valves can be tailored to handle the most aggressive chemical compounds without compromising performance. These include strong acids, caustics, chlorine, chlor-alkali, HF alkylation, and many others.
  • All Durco valves can be actuated for on/off or modulating control.
  • Long operating life of the valve
  • Reduces total cost of ownership.


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