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CGIS has been an active valve distributor in the mining industry for many years. From abrasive and erosive services during milling and concentration to corrosive services in process plants, CGIS has a lineup of valves and actuators that can help improve the efficiency of your operation.



Our valve experts here at CGIS understand how the application is vital to dictating the valve. We work hard to ensure we are asking the right questions to understand your situation. In the mining industry, we’ve learned from almost 40 years of experience that the differentiation and complete understanding of mining processes can mean the difference between a faulty valve needing regular replacement and a perfect fit valve protecting you from millions in downtime costs.

CGIS’s line-up of premium valve manufacturers features valves that can safeguard you from the inevitable risks that come with working in severe service applications. Some of these applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Mineral Processing
  • Chloride Leaching
  • Paste Backfill
  • Tailings Distribution
  • Smelting

Mining & Mineral Processing Case Studies

We’re always striving to master our craft and are continually learning; that’s why we’ve created a resources page for you to learn from our observations over the past 40 years. Pertaining to mining and mineral processing though, we can safely say we’ve seen it all! Check out some of our case studies below and discover why we’re such big proponents of investing in quality products for an overall lower cost of ownership in the long run.


Featured Mining & Mineral Processing Valve Manufacturers

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Flowserve - Automax
Flowserve - Valtek

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