Adams—MAK1 Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

Also known as a triple-eccentric design, there are three key offsets involved in creating this feat of engineering. First, the disc is placed forward from the access of stem rotation. Next, the stem is offset laterally from the centerline of the valve body. Finally, the seating cone is moved away from the valve centerline.

The main advantage of the Triple Offset Butterfly Valve is that the disc and seat close without rubbing. They only come into contact at the fully closed position, which eliminates a major source of wear. The end result for high precision brands is bubble tight, zero leakage shutoff.

This allows us to continuously meet critical requirements with reliable performance in applications as diverse as high temperature, cryogenics, water transmission, hydro-power, hazardous gases, emergency shut-down and nuclear plant safety systems.

Product Focus

Adams - ASK - Throttle and Control Valves
Adams Valves are designed to comply with the following accepted international standards:
  • BS
  • AOI
  • GOST
  • ASME
  • ANSI
  • MSS
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