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CGIS works with some of the top ANSI and NSF certified manufacturers to ensure this set of national standards relating to potable water treatment are all met when supplying valves for water and wastewater applications.

Meeting government regulations

CGIS‘ highly trained team of valve experts examine each and every application they are presented with to help you choose the right valve for your application. That’s why, within water and wastewater industry, we understand the sheer importance of meeting government regulations.

To accommodate these stringent regulations, we’ve secured working relationships with the best-of-the-best valve and valve accessory manufacturers. Our water and wastewater valve manufacturers meet NSF-61 and ANSI so that you can be confident that your operation will meet all standards.

CGIS works with many municipalities across Canada and is well versed in the various water and wastewater investment projects to ensure our industry knowledge is up-to-date and relevant. Read on to discover some of our thought leadership articles and case studies and why we have carefully chosen our product lines to cater to this industry.


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Featured Water & Wastewater Valve Manufacturers

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