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Ball Valves

These aren’t your everyday, run of the mill general purpose valves. Tested and then perfected in tortuous flow paths, our ball valves are known to persevere in the most extreme conditions.

Ball Valves can be found in common household applications to the harshest of cryogenic environments. They typically involve a quarter turn valve which uses a pivoting ball to control the flow of media through it. They make excellent isolation valves because of their ease of use and versatility.

A common problem with ball valves, especially in cryogenic applications, is the fact that they trap expansible media within the ball when closed. If the pressure or state within this media changes, it can rupture the ball valve with explosive consequences. The last thing you want is an incorrectly specified ball valve with the potential to turn into a ticking time bomb.

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TBV Ball Valve

TBV 14″ Class 600 Titanium Grade 12 Ball Valve

The right valve for the application

At CGIS, we only supply the highest quality ball valves that have a proven their reputation over the past 35 years. Brands like Worcester, ValvTechnologies, and Atomac are all CRN and CE-PED approved and contain a variety of different safety mechanisms. By helping you select the right valve for the application, often in the form of a Severe Service Valve (SSV), you not only maintain consistency in your operations but improve the safety of your industrial plant.

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