High Alloy Valves

High Alloy Valves

CGIS has over forty years of specifying the right high alloy valve for corrosive, erosive and/or abrasive applications. Our success in this difficult field starts with our staff. Many of our technical sales representatives and application specialists have backgrounds in metallurgy, which means you can trust our expert analysis and recommendations when dealing with Ni-resist, duplex, super duplex, high chrome, high nickel, titanium, zirconium or any other metals or alloys required to meet your specific needs.

CGIS partners with manufacturers that understand the nuances of making valves out of high alloys. From welding concerns with titanium to heat treating practices for super duplex, working with High Alloys is more than just pouring metal, casting, forging. rolling or machining.

ASME B16.34

We can produce and supply valves constructed from all ASME B16.34 listed materials as well as valves with CRN or other certification for unlisted materials. Whether you require valves made from ASME B16.34 Group 1 listed materials, or more exotic listed or unlisted materials, CGIS can provide valves constructed of materials that allow your specific application to operate safely, reliably and  for the longest duration.
CGIS knows valves, CGIS knows materials.

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