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Ever since 1987, ValvTechnologies has taken innovation of design and reliability very seriously. They’ve continuously updated and outdone themselves to provide an unparalleled customer experience to those who use their products. 

ValvTechnolgies are designed for a variety of industries including power, oil and gas, mining, hydrocarbon, and pulp and paper. Specializing in zero-leakage metal seated ball valves, ValvTechnologies is a premium Severe Service Valve brand we are proud to represent across Canada.

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Zero-Leakage Ball Valves

ValvTechnologies is a leader in the manufacture of severe service, zero-leakage solutions.

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ValvTechnologies - V1-1 Metal Seated Ball Valve

Key features & Benefits

V1-1 Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valve
Integral Metal Seat

In combination with the HVOF coating, the integral metal seat used in the V1 Series is resistant to wear and tear caused by abrasive materials and ferrous oxides. This helps in reducing downtime and overall cost of ownership.

Body Seal Ring

The V1 series uses precision machining, a HVOF ceramet coating process, and mate lapping along with their innovative seal-ring technology that ensures sealing under all operating conditions, up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Valves over 3” containing a second Grafoil seal to guarantee reliability. The V1 series is able to achieve uninterrupted operation in the most severe conditions.

Coating Process

Using the ceramet coating process, utilizing Tungsten or Chromium Carbide, ValvTechnologies is able to create a sealing surface that can reach a hardness of 68 – 72 Rc. Ensuring operations in even the most severe conditions can go uninterrupted.

Live Loaded Gland Area

ValvTechnologies V1 Series has perfected the use of Bellville springs to provide consistent and constant load pressure in the gland area. The V1 series uses these Grafoil rings to mitigate against the pressures of thermal shocks to prevent usage leaks in severe service applications.

Blow-Out Proof Stem

The design of the V1 series features a single-piece, hard-faced, blow-out proof stem that totally eliminates the chances of a blow-out in the gland area. With no options for the media to escape, this blow-out proof stem is vital in ensuring zero-leakage valves.


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