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With a focus on continuous learning and four decades of experience in the field, CGIS is the recognized leader in the application of Severe Service Valves (SSVs).

Severe Service Valves

Inspections, Repairs & Preventative Maintenance

Our Western Canadian Service Centres and Eastern Canadian Service Partner DHB Valves are equipped with the personnel, equipment, and machinery needed to conduct repairs for all the valve and automation products that CGIS represents.

All Service Solutions teams are trained to inspect, evaluate, and assemble to factory standards, providing our customers with comprehensive service reports. In addition, our team will always look for ways to improve reliability in your current valve and automation selection.

Valve Servicing in Western Canada:

24-Hour Valve Service Line: 1-888-663-1671

Valve Servicing in Eastern Canada

Reach out to our partners at DHB Valves.
CGIS & DHB Valves—Servicing Industrial Valves

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