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With a focus on continuous learning and four decades of experience in the field, CGIS is the recognized leader in the application of Severe Service Valves (SSVs).

Valve Inspections, Repairs & Preventative Maintenance

Our Service Centres are equipped with the personnel, equipment, and machinery needed to conduct repairs for all the valve and automation products that CGIS represents.

All Service Solutions teams are trained to inspect, evaluate, and assemble to factory standards, providing our customers with comprehensive service reports. In addition, our team will always look for ways to improve reliability in your current valve and automation selection.

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Featured Article

Severe Service Valve Leakage Standards

To properly understand allowable valve leakage rates, you must understand the varying standards used to describe leakage in isolation valves. Each of these standards uses an array of pressure tests that all have different allowances for pressure, media, and test duration. This article reviews the most cited standards in North America. 

The article also highlights the shortfalls in using these standards for severe service applications where the pressures, media, and cycle times would need to have their own, much higher standard to ensure safety and efficiency of operations.

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Industry Focus

Mining & Mineral Processing Valves

CGIS has been an active valve distributor in the mining industry for 40 years. From abrasive and erosive services during milling and concentration to corrosive services in process plants, CGIS has a lineup of valves and actuators that can help improve the efficiency of your operation.
Industry Focus

Oil & Gas Valves

Focusing on efficiency, safety, and the environment in the oil and gas sector, CGIS has handpicked the manufacturers we want to work with.

Find out how CGIS has differentiated themselves within the Oil and Gas sector with SSV brands like ADAMS, DSS Valves, ValvTechnologies, SAMSON, and Limitorque.

Industries We Serve

CGIS specializes in the most critical industries, including but not limited to, oil and gas, mining, pulp and paper, and chemical. No matter what the focus, our Severe Service Valve experts will get you the right product for your application.

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