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Increase confidence in your operations and protect both your staff and the environment by using Zero Leakage Isolation Valve.

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ValvTechnologies Class 600 Ball Valve - Isolation

ValvTechnologies Class 600 Ball Valve

No one appreciates a leaky faucet in their kitchen sink, so why is the concept of an allowable leakage rate common within industrial processes, when the consequences are much more serious? At CGIS, we believe that an Isolation Valve being used in a Severe Service application should never leak. We’re proud to supply products from manufacturers like Adams, DSS Valves, and ValvTechnologies; companies that all produce Zero Leakage Isolation Valves.

Many different valves can be considered Isolation Valves, which is why end-users often select the wrong valve for their application. Just because a valve can open and close, doesn’t mean it should be expected to perform under intense pressure, or in some cases, an absolute lack thereof. It’s amazing how much fluid can leak when systems are static and there isn’t enough pressure to form a seal.

Isolation Valves also need to be able to perform after long periods of inactivity. Failure to operate is all too common with lesser valves; a concerning issue considering that many Isolating Valves are the critical safety component in a process. CGIS believes that the well-being of staff and the environment should be the first specification taken into account when designing a project. Selecting the right Isolating Valve for the application is not only a good investment but the key to keeping your team safe.

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