CGIS has been in business for 35 years and has played a key role in sculpting the valve and valve automation industry into what it is today.

The World’s Best Valves®

CGIS has been working with the highest performance industrial valves, controls, and automation since 1980. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and unique knowledge as we know that it is our competitive edge. Our commitment to understanding the application, well before a dollar is spent, ensures our customers always get the right valve.

Our staff is comprised of industry veterans who are continually upgrading their skills and knowledge through our in-house education program. Our unique knowledge is why CGIS is the trusted partner to the world’s leading engineering, mining and mineral processing, oil and gas, energy, oil sands, power, pulp and paper, chemical, and water and wastewater companies across six continents. Whether the project demands best in class performance or a valve configuration that will adequately fit the bill, we will make sure you have the right valve for the job.



Mission and Vision

MISSION STATEMENT– In every market we enter, we will be a trusted control, isolation and automated valve partner and the recognized leader in providing powerfully intelligent solutions to our customers’ severe service needs. We deliver superior reliability and a significantly improved bottom line, safely.

VISION STATEMENT – The globally recognized supplier of choice of the highest performance valves and controls.

Company Culture

What makes CGIS different? We are a dedicated and passionate group of people who want to succeed and be the very best – offering the best customer service, selling the best products and most importantly, working with the best people in the industry. At CGIS, we understand that extraordinary people are what makes a great company culture. We recognize and celebrate employee success whether it is a one-year work anniversary or a multi-million dollar sale. Saying thank you and rewarding success is important to CGIS as we believe our talented staff are our greatest asset.

See what our employees have to say about CGIS’ company culture!

“When people ask me what the company I work for is like I tell that that I don’t consider CGIS a company but my CGIS family that I’ve been a part of for 23 years!”

Dawn K.

Administrative Assistant

“Every time I encounter an issue the team simply asks ‘what do we need to get this done?’. I have never worked for an organization that pulls together to tackle things like CGIS.”

Derek F.

Technical Sales Representative

“My first year at CGIS has been great. I’ve enjoyed getting to learn more about the variety of industrial processes we work with and I really believe in our mission to define and educate the world about Severe Service Valves.”

Sam W.

Senior Marketing Coordinator

“I personally value the fact that at CGIS, people are hired for “the person they’ll become”. Kind of growth mindset + nurturing environment = great potential. Over time it seems that most of us thrive by making constant progress and I think that it makes us have a sense of purpose.”

Roxana C.

Project Coordinator

“A bunch of good people, who all believe in what the company is trying to do and are happy to work together and help each other achieve and grow. I’m yet to see any of the typical office politics which can undermine the team success.”

Dom P.

Business Development Leader

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