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CGIS is the recognized leader in the application of Severe Service Valves (SSVs). Whether it is extreme temperatures, pressures, or toxic media, CGIS has the right valve for your severe service application.

Severe Service Experts

At CGIS we have a different perspective on valves as we know there is more to valve selection – it is a combination of utilizing a high-quality valve and understanding the application. CGIS is committed to understanding the application, well before a dollar is spent, to ensure that our customers always get the right valve. We have been working with the highest performance industrial valves, controls and automation since 1980 and have been quickly gaining status as the industry’s valve experts. There is no perfect valve but there is the right valve for the application and therefore selection is key.

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Why Use Severe Service Valves?

Outdated valve specifications are a common sight in the industry. It is extremely concerning as there have been technical advances in valve design, yet no alterations to the valve specifications themselves. The operating conditions of pressure, temperature, process volume and energy costs are drastically different than they were only 30 years ago. Maintenance staff are fewer, piping systems are operating under higher pressures and temperatures, and the push to produce more revenue from fewer resources is greater than ever before. SSVs play an important role as new processes with aging technology creates immediate dangers to workers and their surrounding environment. Safety is a priority in our industry and we believe that everyone has the right to go home safely at the end of each day. Severe Service creates dangerous environments and when not handled correctly, can endanger the lives of many and cause long term damage to its surrounding environment. Valves are a significant safety feature and should be held to a higher regard, especially in a severe service application. By designating certain applications as Severe Service and then using appropriate valve suppliers to source valves, we can reduce the risk of critical leaks. A Severe Service category has yet to be objectively defined but we understand that this definition is critical to the industry. CGIS President, Ross Waters, has been at the forefront of this cause and has presented his paper, “Defining Severe Service Valves”, internationally. At CGIS we know that you can and should expect more from industrial valves today. We believe that using suppliers who specialize in SSVs, applying a series of steps in qualifying them and separating general purpose applications from the more severe applications, can save workers’ lives and protect our environment.

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