The preeminent Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (SSKGVs), made entirely in North America.

DSS Valves are Designed for Severe Service

As industrial processes continue to increase in complexity and risk, valve design and performance is crucial to maintaining consistent plant operation and maintaining your bottom line. Valves are critical to protecting your workers and the environment; they need to be reliable in the harshest of conditions.

DSS Valves is known for creating dependable Severe Service Knife Gate Valves that outlast the competition. In fact, they produce zero leakage bi-directional valves that can isolate from full vacuum to ASME Class 900 / PN 150 pressures (2200 psig/153 barg) .  However, just because they’re built to thrive in the most severe conditions doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be considered for more general applications. Investing in a premium product pays dividends through increased service life and reduced downtime, making the overall cost of ownership much less in the long run.

Advanced Features

Premium Components Come Standard

For starters, all DSS Valves meet or exceed MSS SP-135, and include the following features:

  • Wider gates, internal guides, and full bore matching standard pipe sizes
  • Energized resilient perimeters with hybrid resilient/metallic seats
  • Fully indexable Ni-hard wear rings
  • Wider and thicker primary and secondary transverse seals that provide better sealing at higher pressures.
  • Dual transverse seals and secondary body seals for 4″ bore sizes and larger
  • Thicker primary body seal (10mm for ≥8” bore sizes, 6mm for ≤6” bore sizes)
  • Stainless steel screws for dust covers
  • Four bolt yokes for valves with 6″ bore size and larger
  • Fully supported flanges eliminates the need for pipe nipples on DBB valves
  • SAE 660 bronze ACME nuts for smoother operation
  • Larger ACME screws for ≥26″ bore sizes
  • 17-4ph cylinder clevis pins that are stronger and corrosion resistant

Problems We Solve



Full Round Bore & Wider Gate and Internal Gate Guides

A round port that matches the pipe ID minimizes turbulence and the resulting erosion. Using wider gates eliminates the flat sides seen with other designs and provides greater support to the gate.



Dual Transverse Seals & Primary and Secondary Body Seals

Ensuring process is contained within the pipeline envelope is the target of operating sites. Using dual transverse seals with a larger packing well ensures zero leakage to atmosphere.



Seal Retention Holes Drilled in Both Body Halves

Seal integrity is paramount in order to achieve isolation. Seal retention holes in both body halves eliminate stretching, tearing and deformation by mechanically retaining the seal. This ensures repeatable zero leakage.



Primary and Secondary Body Seals & A Greater Number of Body Bolts

Some degree of pipe stress is unavoidable in large diameter piping systems. Using a greater number of body bolts ensures the body halves maintain the valves integrity under stress, while the primary and secondary body seals combine to provide the highest level of assurance against leakage.



Heavy Duty Yolks

Other designs on the market often fail at the connection between the topworks structure and the valve. We’ve remedied this issue by performing FEA on these parts to ensure this critical, but often overlooked area is enforced with heavy-duty components along with the right number and size of bolts that attach the topworks to the valve. This means greater safety for operators and a superior thrust platform for pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and electro-hydraulic actuators.


Based out of Niles, MI, DSS Valves is a team of engineering and manufacturing professionals with decades of experience in the creating premier Severe Service Knife Gate Valves for Oil & Gas, Mining, Steel, Pulp & Paper, and Water/Wastewater industries. They specialize in creating valves that thrive in the harshest environments and their products are known for handling differential pressure scenarios, corrosive materials, extreme temperatures and detrimental solids. Visit  to learn more about DSS Valves.

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