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CGIS is the recognized leader in the application of Zero Leakage Valves. Whether it is extreme temperatures, pressures, or toxic media, CGIS has the right valve for your Zero Leakage application.


                ValvTechnologies V1 Series

A vast majority of valve designs are only manufactured and tested to standards with an “allowable leakage rate”. We don’t think that’s good enough. CGIS’ Isolation Valves – providing Absolute Zero Leakage – are designed to succeed in even the most demanding on/off applications. Our Zero Leakage Valves guarantee no process past the closed valve, even for abrasive slurry or high temperature services.

And the best part? Zero Leakage Valves are designed to perform flawlessly, from two to ten times longer than with competitor designs. Our valves have been used in some of the largest and most challenging tailings systems on the planet, including the Canadian Oil Sands.

CGIS is a leading Zero Leakage Valve Supplier in Canada, Australia, and internationally. Email to learn more or call CGIS today – (604) 263-1671.

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