CGIS Acknowledged for Input on SP 151-2016

Ross Waters, President of CGIS
Ross Waters, President of CGIS

CGIS President Ross Waters received a special thanks from the Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) of the Valve and Fittings Industry last week for his work on SP 151-2016. The first edition of the ‘Standard Practice for Pressure Testing of Knife Gate Valves’ was approved, and is expected to be published in fall of 2016.

Ross drew from his unique understanding of Knife Gate Valves, gained from over 36 years of experience, to help with the initial preparation of the first draft. The goal of this SP is to determine a uniform means of testing Knife Gate Valves commonly used in the “full open” and “full closed” types of service for isolation. This SP is not intended for use with control valves.

Establishing requirements and acceptance criteria for shell and seat closure pressure testing of high performance resilient, non-metallic (e.g. ceramic), and metal-to-metal seated Knife Gate Valves of all types was key to this SP. This is important to the industry because prior “general purpose” Knife Gate Valve performance, as specified in MSS SP-81, did not provide the isolation quality that many applications demanded. MSS SP-151-2016 provides users with a high-performance standard equal to the security and risk reduction that severe service applications require.


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