CGIS SSV Expert Featured in LNG Industry Magazine

RiTech Coating ApplicationKevin Niebergall, Branch Manager & Technical Representative of CGIS was recently featured in LNG Industry Magazine. Kevin put together a handy article that helps explain the importance of selecting the right Severe Service Valve (SSV) for LNG applications. See the excerpt below:

As end users strive to maximize their operating performance and efficiency, valve manufacturers are forced to evolve their valve designs to meet their customer’s expectations and demands. Implementing new designs and materials into the valve design is one way to keep up with the evolving requirements put forth. Another approach is to concentrate on using the best valve for the application, rather than simply looking at the design and material specifications. It is crucial that we turn our attention to the application and the process conditions present to determine what product is selected. In this article, we will look at an application solution along with valve design to address challenges faced in process industries.

Follow this link to read the full article. Or, if you prefer to download the original copy from LNG Industry Magazine, click here.

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