CGIS Participates in Alberta Innovates’ MARIOS Program

CGIS signs agreement to participate in the Materials and Reliability in Oil Sands (MARIOS) program run by Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures or AITF (formerly the Alberta Research Council). The Oil Sands is a key player in Canada’s mining industry and CGIS believes that investing in research and development will provide long-term benefits that will not only help the industry itself but will create a safer environment for workers.

Specifically, CGIS is contributing to this body of work by testing valves in the slurry loop. The goal of this test is to retrieve data on life expectancy of valves in systems operating with abrasive and/or erosive slurries. This test will benefit end-users in the mining industry as it uses machinery from a neutral third party to confirm the estimated life cycles of the tested valves. It is extremely rare to be able to test valves through a slurry loop so this opportunity is significant for both CGIS and the Oil Sands. By specifying the number of valves cycles, we can better estimate the valve’s life expectancy when installed in other types of slurries.

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