HY-GRADE Invests in New Technology

IMGL1298[1]Apr 2015 – HY-GRADE Valves Inc, has announced its purchase of a new cryogenic test unit. This new test unit has the capacity to test up to 42” lug style check valves. Having the ability to cryogenic test in-house will allow HY-GRADE to aggressively pursue the ever growing LNG market as well as other cryogenic applications.
The new unit will be installed in the next few weeks and is manufactured by Ventil. According to Ventil’s website, it is the leading manufacturer of high pressure test equipment for industrial safety and are the innovators in valve testing. This cryogenic test unit will include a mass spectrometer and will be able to test valves in accordance with ISO 15848, BS 6343 and Shell MESC SPE 77/306.
Being a major global distributor of HY-GRADE Severe Service check valves, CGIS is ecstatic to hear the news about the purchase. Not only will this machinery open up new markets, but it also reconfirms HY-GRADE’s commitment to technology and continually leading the check valve market.

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