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CGIS' growth depends on building honest, long-lasting customer relationships. To this day, our first customers are still in business with us, 35 years later.

Application Expertise

There is no perfect valve but there is the right valve for the application and therefore selection is key. The real challenge is finding valve experts who can analyze the process and recommend the appropriate valve for the presented conditions. CGIS is committed to understanding the application, well before a dollar is spent, to ensure our customers always get the right valve. Our Applications Engineering team assures that all necessary information is collected before making a recommendation so that you always get the best valve.

Control & Isolation Demonstrator (CID)

To demonstrate our commitment to the application, we have built a Control & Isolation Demonstrator (CID) to see real-time, unbiased valve results. CID is a custom-designed comprehensive flow demonstration loop used to test our products and our competitor products. The parallel piping sections allow comparisons of up to three valves at the same time. We invite clients to visit our Vancouver facility in person to watch real valve performance, to request alternative installation and trials, and to provide a basis for valve selection that removes doubt and guesswork.


CGIS provides its customers with convenient full-service centres for in-house valve automation and repairs. Our Edmonton Automation and Service Centre was designed and constructed specifically to automate valves in large quantities and sizes. The 15,000 square foot facility includes an in-house training centre, pressure testing unit, a 10 ton and a 3 ton overhead crane. At our Automation & Service centre we provide electric, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic and hydraulic actuation, BUS networking (including As-I, DeviceNet, Profibus & Foundation Fieldbus, Hart, etc.), valve testing to 48”, valve pressure testing to class 4500, in-house training centre, hydro test machine and nitrogen testing. Our Automation & Service Centre is a fully authorized repair facility for Adams Valves Inc., Automax, Bernard Actuation, Chemline, Delta Industrial Valves Inc., Midland, StoneL, TBV and ValvTechnologies Inc.

Valve Automation


CGIS’ long-term association and supply of severe service valves has provided us with expertise that has led to consulting contracts with some of the world’s leading Engineering, Oil & Gas and Mining companies. Our consulting service has saved our clients millions of dollars and has prevented possible environmental catastrophes. Most notably, Ross Waters, CGIS President, was summoned as an Expert Witness in a legal matter of severe scale environments and knife gate valves.

CGIS can provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Valve specifications for new projects
  • Valve specification review
  • Expert Witness testimony
  • Valve failure analysis
  • Valve cost comparisons
  • Control valve sizing and selection


Consulting Services Awards

Five-year supply agreement with a major Canadian smelter to improve valve performance and lower cost of ownership

Valve failure analysis of 179 large diameter knife gate valves at a Canadian Oil Sands project

Valve failure analysis of ASME Class 150 rated butterfly valves in a metric PN10 HDPE piping system of leaching of copper sulphide ores in Chile

Expert Witness for Fluor Australia Pty Ltd in the Arbitration between Fluor and Anaconda Operations Pty in the matter of severe scale environments and knife gate valves

Review of entire valve specifications for a $5 billion Oil Sands project in Canada

Inspections & Repairs

CGIS provides full maintenance on all CGIS valves which include onsite inspection, evaluation and repairs as needed. Our trained and experienced service technicians can be on-site for scheduled shutdowns to help reduce delays and provide immediate service. CGIS offers repair services for all types of valves, including but not limited to, knife gate valves, check valves, gate valves and more.

Some services provided include:

  • Full maintenance
  • Service of hydraulic power units
  • Construction assistance and commissioning
  • Total Valve Management (TVM)
  • Field automation
  • Fastener supply
  • Inventory
  • Maintenance training

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