Recruitment Process

At CGIS we have a thorough recruitment process to ensure we are identifying candidates where the best possible fit is present for both the candidate and organization. Outlined below is our recruitment process and what one can expect when applying to CGIS:

Stage 1

All candidate submissions are reviewed through our ATS; those that are considered potential for suitability are typically contacted within 2-3 weeks for a phone screen interview.

Stage 2

The phone screen interview is an initial introduction. The candidate is asked to share details of their experience and background  and CGIS provides the opportunity for the candidate to learn about the position and culture.


Stage 3

At the first in-person interview, eligible candidates will meet one-on-one with their potential manager. Behavior based questions on skills and experience will be asked, and the manager will share details about day-to-day tasks and expectations of the role.

Stage 4

The second in-person interview involves the candidate and CGIS team members in a less formal setting. Candidates have the chance to meet some of the team, who in turn get to add their input into the decision-making process.


Stage 5

The final stage utilizes a number of testing tools which enable candidates to further showcase what they bring to the table.  By reviewing these results, in conjunction with the interview experiences, we are able to assess who will be successful and identify what training will be needed.

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