CGIS is a proud distributor of what we consider to be one of the best control valves available on the market today - The Valtek Mark One.

Globe Control Valves – Valtek Mark One

Advanced Features – Valtek Mark One

Valtek Mark 1 - Logix 3800

Double Top Stem Guiding 

Guiding in the Mark One consists of two heavy duty guides located on a large diameter, heavy-duty plug stem, and guiding is out of the flow stream. Depending on the application, these guides are provided with liners of acceptable material to eliminate any metal-to-metal contact with the plug stem as it moves up and down through the valve control cycle.  Thus, galling in the guiding area, which is very common in cage-guided designs, is totally eliminated. The standard Mark One plug has a large stem diameter which provides a large guiding surface and prevents stem bending or breaking problems common to smaller stem designs.  These heavy-duty plug stems also allow installation of oversized actuators Mark One valves without stem failure problems or modifications to the valve design.


Self-Centering Ring

The Mark One has a self-centering floating seat ring that allows some “side-to-side” clearance between the seat and body. Once the plug is forced into the seat, it will be perfectly concentric with the plug, eliminating side loading on packing. The resulting plug-to-seat shut off is extremely tight and you can be assured that the self-centering seat ring will outperform a clamped or threaded one with a tighter connection.

Top Entry Design

The Mark One uses a top entry design to avoid the complications that are often associated with other designs that utilize screwed-in seat rings and/or cage-guiding. These designs are often difficult, if not almost impossible to remove. The Mark One mitigates this problem by simply clamping the seat ring into place by the bonnet and seat retainer for quick, easy maintenance calls – even if the application is dirty and/or corrosive.


3-Way Valve Configuration

The 3-way valve configuration is truly unique – you no longer need a new body casting or a completely different set of internal parts. The Valtek Mark One can be assembled from a standard Mark One using only four additional items [3-way adapter, upper seat ring, 3-way plug, and 2 additional bonnet gaskets]. This will save your team both time and money when converting to a 3-way valve.

About Flowserve – Valtek

Flowserve operates to solve tough solutions to a variety of flow control problems in oil and gas, power, chemical, water and general industry. Flowserve operates worldwide with a number of associates, including Valtek.

Valtek itself was founded in 1965 with a focus on providing customers with reliability – lowering their overall cost of ownership. The Valtek lineup is nothing short of excellent. With interchangeable parts, these valves are easy to maintain while still providing high-class severe service protection.

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