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Press Release – CGIS Leads Severe Service Valve Task Force To Establish New Standards

November 3rd, 2016

VANCOUVER – CGIS Leads Severe Service Valve Task Force

The next steps for defining reliable principles and parameters for what separates a Severe Service Valve (SSV) from a General Purpose Valve are being taken.

Earlier this year, an interest group led by CGIS President Ross Waters, presented their request for a new Standard Practice on the topic to the Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry (MSS). An MSS Technical Committee determined the proposal set forth by the interest group to be a beneficial project and sanctioned its advance.  The result was the creation of an official Task Force, also being led by Mr. Waters.

The MSS Coordinating Committee approved the task force’s scope and deemed this an official MSS project; issuing a project number in early October. The task force will now determine the minimum requirements a valve needs to be able to perform to when faced with extreme conditions, whether from pressure, temperature, toxicity, solids, or usage.

“By creating a rigorous standard for Severe Service Valves to adhere to, we can ensure end-users can protect both their workers and the environment,” says Waters. “We’ve seen countless examples where general purpose valves were used in a severe service situation, which led to high operating costs, loss of process containment and control, and significant damage to the environment. This task force was created with the goal to drastically lower these statistics.”

Robert O’Neill, the MSS Executive Director, also added that “in addition to providing industry with objective principles and parameters on how to define and subsequently identify SSVs, this proposed new Standard Practice will provide the basis of the definition that is currently being referred to in other MSS work, like Special Leak Test Methods and Procedures for Valves.”

Over the next year a clear and measurable definition and identification process will be determined by the task group with the end goal of having a standard practice for end-users and manufacturers to follow. This resource will be critical for selecting the right valve for the application going forward.

About CGIS

CGIS is the global supplier of the highest performance valves, controls, and automation.

With over 35 years of experience, we’re committed to understanding the application and ensuring our customers always get the right valve, well before a dollar is spent. With offices throughout Canada and Australia, we serve customers worldwide – on six continents. We offer a unique ability to deliver superior technical expertise in the world of Severe Service Valve (SSV) applications, which improve our customer’s reliability, safety, and bottom line in a dynamic and competitive marketplace.

Press Contact: Sam Wind, Marketing Coordinator at CGIS


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Severe Service Valves (SSVs) – A Video Overview

Severe Service Valve VideoEver wondered what Severe Service Valves (SSVs) are all about? To help fill you in, we interviewed two key figures: CGIS President Ross Waters and our VP of North American Sales, Dave Friesen. Watch as they define what SSVs are, and why they are critical for streamlining your process, eliminating waste, and protecting your workers. To view the video, follow this link.

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CGIS SSV Expert Featured in LNG Industry Magazine

RiTech Coating ApplicationKevin Niebergall, Branch Manager & Technical Representative of CGIS was recently featured in LNG Industry Magazine. Kevin put together a handy article that helps explain the importance of selecting the right Severe Service Valve (SSV) for LNG applications. See the excerpt below:

As end users strive to maximize their operating performance and efficiency, valve manufacturers are forced to evolve their valve designs to meet their customer’s expectations and demands. Implementing new designs and materials into the valve design is one way to keep up with the evolving requirements put forth. Another approach is to concentrate on using the best valve for the application, rather than simply looking at the design and material specifications. It is crucial that we turn our attention to the application and the process conditions present to determine what product is selected. In this article, we will look at an application solution along with valve design to address challenges faced in process industries.

Follow this link to read the full article. Or, if you prefer to download the original copy from LNG Industry Magazine, click here.

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CGIS Acknowledged for Input on SP 151-2016

Ross Waters, President of CGIS
Ross Waters, President of CGIS

CGIS President Ross Waters received a special thanks from the Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) of the Valve and Fittings Industry last week for his work on SP 151-2016. The first edition of the ‘Standard Practice for Pressure Testing of Knife Gate Valves’ was approved, and is expected to be published in fall of 2016.

Ross drew from his unique understanding of Knife Gate Valves, gained from over 36 years of experience, to help with the initial preparation of the first draft. The goal of this SP is to determine a uniform means of testing Knife Gate Valves commonly used in the “full open” and “full closed” types of service for isolation. This SP is not intended for use with control valves.

Establishing requirements and acceptance criteria for shell and seat closure pressure testing of high performance resilient, non-metallic (e.g. ceramic), and metal-to-metal seated Knife Gate Valves of all types was key to this SP. This is important to the industry because prior “general purpose” Knife Gate Valve performance, as specified in MSS SP-81, did not provide the isolation quality that many applications demanded. MSS SP-151-2016 provides users with a high-performance standard equal to the security and risk reduction that severe service applications require.


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Latest Case Study – SSV Solves Complex Problem

Multii-Z Flowserve Kammer ValtekCheck out the latest case study put together by one of our Severe Service Valve (SSV) experts, Derek Feltham. Learn how he helped PotashCorp solve a complex problem with the use of a unique Severe Service Control Valve from Flowserve – the Multi-Z. Click here for the full story.


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6 Key Factors When Selecting a Severe Service Valve

SSV 6 Factors 20160704

The term Severe Service Valve (SSV) is commonplace to the industrial valve industry. The problem is, no one really knows exactly what it means.

CGIS is in the process of establishing the exact definition. Once in place and approved by the Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry (MSS for short), there will be a benchmark and rating system to identify what constitutes a Severe Service Valve (SSV), and how it differs from a General Purpose Valve (GPV).

In the meantime, we pulled from our internal best practices and over 35 years of experience to put together this brief guide. We hope you’ll consider these 6 key factors for selecting the right valve for your application. Download the guide here.


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Push-Through Knife Gates vs Guided Shear Gates

Clarkson Push-ThroughThe severe nature of the world of hydrometallurgy demands specialized designs that can withstand the corrosiveness and solid build-ups that occur. Check out our in-depth comparison of Push-Through Knife Gates vs Guided Shear Gates, featured in the May 2016 Issue of Valve World Americas.

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Working with Cryogenic Applications? Choose Your Valve Wisely

LNG Industry MagazineOur subject matter experts in LNG and Severe Service Valves (SSVs) were recently featured in the February Edition of LNG Industry Magazine. Ross Waters and Kevin Niebergall discuss the importance of understanding the application before purchasing the best valve for your liquefaction plant. To hear what they have to say about making the right choice for cryogenic applications, download the full article here.

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CGIS Visits BCIT to Recruit the Best Technical Minds in BC

At CGIS, we are always looking for the best to join our growing team, and we love technical minded individuals from BCIT. Yesterday, we posted up at the BCIT career fair hoping to find some new recruits. If you had a chance to stop by and see us, hopefully you found out about our current opportunities. Be sure to get your resumes polished up and submit them here!

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CGIS is New Adams Representative in Australia & New Zealand

ADAMS_SideEntry_16_MAK_Tieftemp_4597Adams Armaturen GmbH names CGIS as their representative for Australia and New Zealand effective November 1, 2015. Adams is the original inventor of the Triple Offset Butterfly Valve and a world leading manufacturer of Tight Shut-Off, Control, Throttle, Check and Combined Non-Return and Tight Shut-off valves for Cryogenic services including LNG, Steam, High Temperature Gases and highest quality isolation service valves.  CGIS has been a supplier of Adams valves in the Canadian market since 1996 and looks forward to expanding their footprint in Australia and New Zealand.

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