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White Paper – Severe Service Valve (SSV) Specifications for Hydrometallurgy Applications

Check out the latest white paper from the CGIS team! The paper aims to determine what the minimum requirements are for Severe Service Valves (SSVs) in Hydrometallurgy applications. It draws on five decades of industry experience from one of Canada’s leading valve experts – Ross Waters. Click for the full paper.

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CGIS Surges Forward with DSS Valves

Vancouver, Canada – Jan. 4, 2018 – Today marks the start of the relationship between Vancouver based industrial valve distribution company CGIS and valve manufacturer, DSS Valves.  Based out of Niles, Michigan, DSS Valves manufactures premium quality Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (SSKGVs), specifically designed for severe service applications. A recognized leader in the world of Severe Service Valves (SSVs), CGIS is now the sole distributor for this product line throughout Canada, Australia and at specific international hydrometallurgy locations.

What attracted CGIS to DSS Valves was the evolved design and added features of their Severe Service Knife Gate Valve offering. CGIS president and founder Ross Waters commented that “our 38 years of experience working with toxic and dangerous severe service applications taught us to dig deep on the manufacturers we choose to represent. When we encountered DSS Valves, we were blown away by both the mastery of their SSKGV design, and their ability to produce a premier product on time.”

The partnership between DSS Valves and CGIS is one built on mutual admiration. Trent Runyon, founder of DSS Valves had this to say about their relationship. “We really view CGIS as the leader in the Severe Service Valve industry, and Ross’ lifetime of industry knowledge and leadership in SSV specification played a key role in this partnership. We knew that CGIS would be able to get our products into the critical applications they’re designed for, which enables us to concentrate on our expertise – manufacturing.”

With each part of the manufacturing process occurring on North American soil, DSS Valves currently produces two main valve designs; the Severe Service Knife Gate Valve, and the Double Block and Bleed, which is a modification of the SSKGV that includes two gates. DSS Valves is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, and their products all meet the most rigorous API, ASME and MSS standards found in extreme pressure, temperature and corrosive processes.

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About CGIS

CGIS is the global supplier of the highest performance valves, controls, and automation. With 38 years of experience, they are committed to understanding the application and ensuring their customers always get the right valve, well before a dollar is spent. With offices throughout Canada and Australia, they serve customers worldwide – on six continents. CGIS offers a unique ability to deliver superior technical expertise in the world of Severe Service Valve (SSV) applications, which improve their customer’s reliability, safety, and bottom line in a dynamic and competitive marketplace. Visit to learn more about CGIS.

About DSS Valves

Based out of Niles, MI, DSS Valves is a team of engineering and manufacturing professionals with decades of experience in the creating premier Severe Service Knife Gate Valves for Oil & Gas, Mining, Steel, Pulp & Paper, and Water/Wastewater industries. They specialize in creating valves that thrive in the harshest environments and their products are known for handling differential pressure scenarios, corrosive materials, extreme temperatures and detrimental solids. Visit  to learn more about DSS Valves.

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CGIS Announces Distribution Rights for EBRO

EBRO ARMATURENUPDATE: CGIS is proud to announce the Canada wide distribution rights for what we consider to be the highest quality resilient seated butterfly valves in the market today, EBRO ARMATUREN.

The shift to EBRO will be a major upgrade in quality for our resilient seated butterfly valve customers. It was an easy decision to make on our end, based on the lengths they’ve gone to engineer and precision machine their high-end offerings. We encourage you to take a minute to understand these advanced features now available by visiting this product focused landing page.

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CGIS & Greenlane – A Severe Service Valve Success Story

Greenlane Biogas LogoBiogas is an environmentally friendly method of turning waste, into renewable fuels, allowing waste producers to improve their green credentials and profitability. However, the process includes high pressure, temperature and toxic substances with the power to harm equipment and workers if not properly accounted for. Watch this video to learn about the issues Greenlane Biogas was having with a faulty check valve, and how CGIS used their Severe Service Valve expertise to provide a superior alternative in Hy-Grade, resulting in safer operations, reduced downtime, and the lowest cost of ownership.

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Valve Selection in Severe Abrasive Service

ValvTechnologies Pipeline Station Isolation “Wear and Seal” Arrangement

Severe abrasive service valves have become a critical component in the design and operation of varied industrial processing plants. Whether it be catalyst, harsh polymers, chemical slurries, waste materials in mining, or the transportation of mineral slurries at low and high pressure, all such applications need cutting edge technology compared to conventional liquid and vapour services. CGIS President Ross Waters and colleague Malcolm Harrison recently published a two-part article in Valve World Americas magazine discussing the factors that impact proper valve selection in severe abrasive service. Check out the Part One and Part Two of the article to learn more.

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SSV Task Force Q&A with Ross Waters

0024-CGISlowThe importance of defining and identifying Severe Service Valves (SSVs) cannot be overstated. By creating a rigorous standard for SSVs to adhere to, we can ensure end-users can protect both their workers and the environment. Because of this, Empowering Valves recently caught up with CGIS President Ross Waters to learn more about the Severe Service Valve Task Force he’s leading.  Check out this in-depth Q&A style interview with the man leading the charge in this critical change to the industrial valve industry.

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U.S. Foundry Best Practices for High Alloy SSVs

No bake sand mold with a dual filter system with a zirconium wash coating

Severe Service Valves (SSVs) demand best practices in all phases of their manufacturing. Recently, we teamed up with Pete Schlener, President and CEO of Minncast Steel Foundry, to analyze how properly made castings are critical to making high alloy Severe Service Valves (SSVs). Published in the Stainless Steel World Americas April 2017 Issue, this paper details many aspects of the process including pattern construction, molding, melting, and heat treatment.

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Canadian Valve User Group Meeting

ross-valve-user-groupEarlier this year, the Canadian Valve User Group met in Calgary to discuss the current status of the industry in Western Canada. Gobind Khiani of Fluor Canada was appointed the new Chairman of the Group, while Ross Waters of CGIS presented about the importance of defining Severe Service Valves (SSVs). Valve World documented the meeting and its importance in the November 2016 edition. To get the whole scoop, read the article here.

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Ross Waters Speaks at 2016 Valve World Conference & Expo

Ross Waters, President of CGIS, will be speaking at the 2016 Valve World Conference & Expo in Düsseldorf. If you are attending the event, head to Room 1 on Wednesday, Nov. 30th at 2:40pm to catch Ross live. His presentation will cover valve selection in severe abrasive service. For more conference details, click here.

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The Building Blocks of Severe Service Valves

Building Blocks of SSVs

CGIS is at it again, this time being featured by the global valve industry news syndicate, Empowering Valves. We touched base with them to take a deeper dive into the what makes up the building blocks for Severe Service Valves, and why it is important to differentiate these sub-categories.

To learn more, check out the article here!

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