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ARTICLE | Optimizing Check Valves for LNG Industry

Kevin Niebergall tackles the problem of check valves failing in operation by uncovering why they are failing in the first place and how we can fix it. Kevin’s example of a LNG gas treatment plant in Northern BC is just one instance of this very common issue. This article was published in LNG Industry in October 2019. Read the full article here.

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Control Valve Product Manager Announcement

Jack Broyles

CGIS’ commitment to the growth of Flowserve’s control valve business is demonstrated by creating a new position solely focused on this objective.

This position will have the responsibility for developing marketing plans and strategic initiatives to stimulate sales growth within our existing customer base and to acquire new customers.

With this objective in mind, we have recruited an industry-recognized expert in the field of control valve applications, Mr. Jack  Broyles.

Jack’s background includes a long career with Enbridge Pipelines where he served in a number of leadership roles including Project Manager for several pipeline/terminal projects and Supply Chain Manager where his responsibilities were to set up Master Supply Agreements and to manage supplier relationships. His background provides the added benefit of bringing a customer’s perspective on this business.

Jack’s control valve knowledge is built upon research and development of control valves applications, technical contributions to “ISA, Control Valve Standards” as a committee member, and authorship of papers on this subject as presented at industry conferences( Valve World, International Pipeline Conference, ISA).

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EBRO Recieves NSF-61 Certification for Drinking Water Applications

CGIS is very excited to announce that EBRO Armaturen has received their NSF-61/ANSI-61 certification for drinking water applications! Not familiar with NSF/ANSI-61? It’s a set of national standards relating to potable water treatment. It enforces stringent requirements for the equipment that comes in contact with the water – ensuring it’s safe for all to drink.

With such a strong contender in the water and water treatment business, CGIS will be diving into this sector, as we find Severe Service Valve solutions for all of our prospective and current clients.

Interested in EBRO Valves? Check out our product focus video here: EBRO Product Focus.


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CGIS Promotes a New President – Dave Friesen!

CGIS is proud to announce the promotion of Dave Friesen from VP Sales North America to President of CGIS. Mr. Friesen becomes the 3rd president in the company’s history and is reflective of the confidence the board has in his abilities to lead the organization onto greater success while further promoting the Severe Service Valve (SSV) message to the industry.

Through Dave’s 20 years with the organization he has used his abilities and skills to align CGIS with the world’s best manufacturers and solidify our position as the recognized leader in the selection of Severe Service Valves. In this new role, Dave will use his experience and commitment to understanding the application to further shape and grow CGIS as an organization that ensures our customers always get the right valve, well before a dollar is spent.

Dave has been an integral part of CGIS’ current strategy and positioning and we welcome his further leadership and vision for continued long-term growth.

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CASE STUDY – New ChemFlare System at RDNO Water Treatment Plant

In water treatment plants all around the world, Sodium Hypochlorite decomposition is an issue. It often starts leaking from the joints of the PVC Piping and fittings used during construction of these plants, creating an unsightly and unsafe mess. Chemline’s ChemFlare system is the ultimate solution to this, eliminating the need for the gluing process for PVC valves in sodium hypochlorite systems. Read our case study here to see how CGIS was able to incorporate this efficient system into the Regional District of North Okanagan Water Treatment Plant.

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NEW: EBRO Impeller Valves

EBRO’s new impeller valves are great for dry bulk food handlers and food production. Their design eliminates your typical problems of clogging, coagulation, compressing and sticking all while reducing the crushing of the granules. These precision engineered valves help manufacturers improve efficiency and reduce downtime. Read about all the EBRO Impeller Valve features here.

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*NEW* ARTICLE – Butterfly Valves

 Are all butterfly valves created equal? Kevin Niebergall takes a look into comparing triple offset butterfly valves with to your conventional butterfly valve. You can read the full article and comparison here.

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25 Years at CGIS!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Dawn Kerfers will be hitting her 25 year anniversary at CGIS this February! Dawn has been such an integral part of the team, balancing the work of 10 people seamlessly! She’s helped make CGIS what it is today and we wanted to congratulate her in style for that, so we created a video documenting everything we love about her. You can view her video here.

Congratulations on 25 years Dawn!

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ARTICLE – Severe Service Valves: From a Concept to a Realization

Ross Waters leads the way in defining exactly what a Severe Service Valve is. The impact of which will make industrial processes safer and more efficient are widespread. Read the article here to discover how the process has gone, where we are today, and where we are going.

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*NEW* ARTICLE – SSVs in the Chemical Industry

Our article on Severe Service Valves (SSVs) in the Chemical Industry takes an in depth look at what it really means to need a SSV for your application. Often times it is a lack of information regarding the application of the valve that can take a project from successful to unsuccessful. This article from our CEO Ross Waters dives into this common problem in the Chemical Industry. You can read the full article here.

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