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Established in 1907, SAMSON has become one of the largest privately owned valve manufacturers and a global leader in control valves for industrial process automation. Employing over 4,300 worldwide staff in more than 50 countries allows SAMSON to provide best-in-class local sales and service. With over 100 years of experience in achieving precise control with a high level of safety and reliability, SAMSON has become a trusted name in many of the world’s most challenging applications.

CGIS is now able to offer customers access to one of the largest control valve portfolios available across Canada, alongside control systems and field measurement technologies.

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Unique and Specialized Applications

SAMSON offers a wide variety of valves for every industry.

PTFE Globe Control Valve
Globe Control Valve
Rotary Valve
SAMSON Controls - 3310 Valve
SAMSON Cotrols

Key Features & Benefits

SAMSON is a global brand that still offers the tailored, customer-oriented solutions you find with local companies. Through the years they have positioned themselves as a world-leading manufacturer and engineer of SAMSON valves and accessories.
  • Strong global presence
  • Local customer support
  • Efficient solutions
  • Modular designs
  • Innovative valve accessories

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