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Valve Standards

For consistency amongst manufacturers, valves are designed to meet established standards. These standards are set for valve performance, design, materials, and functionality. This article aims to cover the organizations responsible for establishing standards in valve manufacturing, along with common valve

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Valve Parts

Valves come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This is also true with the parts that make up these valves. These components can be sorted into 4 main categories, with two of them being subcategories. Non-Pressure Containing Parts Pressure

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Valve Basics

What is a Valve? A valve is a device that regulates the flow of gases, liquids, or loose materials through an aperture, such as a pipe, by opening, closing, or obstructing a port or passageway. Valves perform different functions to

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Valve History

Valves have come a long way from their beginnings, almost 2000 years ago. Technological advancements and human knowledge have continuously allowed new and improved designs to emerge in the valve industry. Technological advancements are paired with the need for valves

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