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Advanced Features | HY-GRADE Check Valves

Integral Flapper and Shaft

Hy-Grade’s flapper and shaft are designed as integral components with high diameter shafts to provide strength where it is needed most. In comparison, a typical check valve would have multiple components, assembled together with nuts, bolts, bushings, and hinge pins. With wear and tear, these parts tend to come apart, leading to overall valve failure. HY-GRADE’s integral flapper and shaft design has a long and proven history of providing reliable performance in the harshest of severe service applications.


Unobstructed Bore

The Hy-Grade Series T comes with an unobstructed bore that provides maximum flow capacity and extremely low-pressure drops. With no obstructions, Hy-Grade valves are able to be used in slurry, high consistency, or abrasive media applications as well.

Metal-to-Metal Seat

The Hy-Grade WedgeSeal improves metal-to-metal sealing. The seating surfaces are manufactured at slight angles resulting in positive shut-offs. The angled surfaces ensure that the valve does not stick in the closed position in high back pressure applications. This feature makes Hy-Grade valves great for both high and low-pressure situations.

Retainerless Design

As a standard feature, Hy-Grade valves come retainerless. There are no external holes or shafts, and therefore no external leak paths for fugitive emissions to take. This design has been tested with helium leak tests that verified zero fugitive emissions (0.00ppm external leakage).

Fire Safe

The design of the Hy-Grade check valve assures positive shut off under fire conditions and is certified to API 6FA and 6FD. Both soft seated and metal seated Hy-Grade check valves were tested by accredited independent laboratories at temperatures of 1400-1800 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures up to 3750 psi. All Hy-Grade check valves tested passed the external and internal leakage requirements.

About Hy-Grade

HY-GRADE Valve, Inc. manufactures check valves, engineered with advanced precision features that solve common check valve problems. Their stringent quality guidelines and superior manufacturing techniques ensure complete customer satisfaction and is the foundation that HY-GRADE has built their reputation on since 1984.

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