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We have enjoyed a pleasant cooperation with your esteemed company in the Ramu Nico Project. The project is located in a tropical area and hot weather prevails all year round. However, you have bravely overcome difficulties, passionately completed the required work, carefully solved equipment problems, trained workers from MCC, and instructed the Construction Contractors during installation and commissioning. These have won you acknowledgment from ENFI and MCC. ENFI is very grateful to you and CGIS, for the support of the Project.


Liu Cheng, Project Manager, China ENFI Engineering Corporation, Ramu Nickel Project

I was very happy to hear that the large order for the Delta Zero Leakage high performance knife gates has been completed seven weeks early. This is a significant achievement. The credit for this achievement, as you point out, should go to Ken Winfield, CGIS Project Lead and Natik Hussain. On behalf of the Project I would like to thank both these individuals and their respective firms – CGIS and SNC-Lavalin Inc. for this achievement.


Robert Danelesko, Managing Director Construction, Sherritt International Corporation

A company that Target works closely with broke an old discontinued Bray valve late Wednesday, and were stuck, unable to unload their train cars. We got both Charles, your inside sales representative, and the people at another supplier company on this and by Thursday afternoon Charles had sourced us suitable replacement valves locally which fit perfectly. The other supplier company was out three weeks. Charles really stepped it up to get this done for us and it is much appreciated by all involved. He really saved the day.


Jeremy Spurgeon, Team Mixing Technologies, Target Groups

In appreciation for the good customer service in getting the Automax valve actuator repaired and for the quick turnaround. Thank you CGIS for coming through for us.


Ned Willis, Fire Protection Consultant, Sparkle Clear Resources (1992) Ltd.

In 2002, our molecular sieve switching operation was targeted for upgrade due to significant and ongoing maintenance requirements. Annual repair costs were ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 per valve plus lost production. CGIS recommended the ValvTechnologies metal seated ball valve. In 43 months of service, we have experienced ZERO problems, ZERO maintenance and ZERO leakage. The CGIS supplied valve is a true solution success story.


Terry Hoogenboom, Operation Leader, Monkman & Northeast BC Burlington Resources Inc.

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